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Maximize Future Value: Key Components to Consider When Building Your IT Services Business

Increasing the value of your IT services business in preparation for a sale is not something that can happen overnight. It’s a process that involves multiple components working together and builds on itself over time, resulting in an increased value. While your business may still be young and you’re looking forward to many more years leading its growth, your exit strategy should still be considered. We’ve included below issues of finance, profitability, technology, agreements, and general management for you to incorporate into your plan. Finance Keep Separate Books for Different Lines of Business: While your business may be known for […]


6 Reasons to Consider Selling Your IT Services Business and 4 Ways To Get The Highest Price

In this ebook we address six reasons why you may be considering selling your business and the tactics you should employ to obtain the highest price. Click here to read the ebook. If you are interested in selling your business please click here for a free evaluation Free Evaluation


Your M&A Advisor: Questions to Ask and Things to Consider

Whether you’re buying or selling an IT services business, the M&A experience can be stressful and exhausting, especially if you try and go it alone.  Not only can an experienced M&A advisor lift some of the burden off your shoulders by taking on individual tasks related to due diligence and negotiation, but they come with a great deal of strategic expertise including industry-specific knowledge and relationships with potential business partners. Conduct your own due diligence to retain an advisor you can trust and has your best interest at heart throughout the entire process. This is critical to achieving a high […]

MA for MSPs as an Option for Growth

M&A for MSPs as an Option for Growth – A Webinar

Join Hartland Ross for a discussion of what you should be considering before endeavoring to grow your managed service provider through an acquisition. Webinar Transcription Host: I’m going to pass control over to Hartland. And, Hartland is, with The Host Broker. These guys are essentially a brokerage business. They work with all different types of people that touch our space. So, MSP data center, security firms, that IP is really you name it, that touches our space and they work with them. What I really like, about The Host Broker is they have a wealth of knowledge. They can help […]


10 Reasons to Consider an Acquisition as Part of Your Corporate Growth Strategy

Every CEO or business owner has a growth strategy in mind. It may change based on market factors, competitive pressures, financial implications, or other reasons but there is always an underlying strategy in place. This may include bootstrapping your business and growing organically over time, taking the company to a specific level and then selling the business to a much larger organization, or acquiring other businesses to grow your own company more quickly. In this post, we will evaluate 10 reasons why you may want to consider acquiring another business as part of your corporate growth strategy. Accelerate Organic Growth […]

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Is an Acquisition Strategy Right for Your MSP Business?

IT industry news websites frequently distribute articles or press releases regarding the acquisition of another MSP or other IT service provider. These regular announcements would make you believe that an acquisition strategy is certain to increase your company’s market share, help you leapfrog ahead of your competitors, or develop a differentiated product offering. While it is possible to realize these benefits, it is not necessarily the perfect solution for every business. Is An M&A Strategy the One for You? 5 Questions to Ask Could you afford to wait? Before you decide to merge with or acquire another company, first consider […]

Build or buy

Build or Buy – What’s the Best Route for Business Growth?

One of the most common questions I get asked here at is “What’s the best way to grow my business?”. I sure would love to have a simple answer for you, but as we all know, growing a business completely depends on your industry and the business model you have, not to mention a whole slew of other factors. With that said, when it comes to growing a business there are generally two options at your disposal – you can build, or you can buy. If you’re a business owner thinking about strategies for growth, you must carefully consider […]

Buying a business

What Can Go Wrong When Purchasing a Hosting Business or Customer Base? A Buyer’s Perspective

Buying any new business is complicated to say the least and buying a hosting business or customer base is no different and possibly even more complex. Becoming educated on the process and potential pitfalls would behoove you. When looking to purchase a hosting company there are many aspects that a buyer needs to be aware of not the least of which is what can go wrong. The purchasing process is time consuming and costly, so you want to make sure you have evaluated and reviewed all provided information and asked the critical questions before proceeding. Below are some elements to […]

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What Can Go Wrong When Purchasing a Hosting Business or Customer Base? A Seller’s Perspective

When considering purchasing a business, most would immediately think of what can wrong for a buyer, but the reality is that there is just as much risk involved for a seller. Sales Challenges for You – The Seller. No Financing Secured One major issue that can cause a lot of stress for a seller is finding out that your buyer isn’t financed. Unfortunately, this is something that may not become evident until post signing of an LOI (Letter of Intent). At this point, for the seller in particular, there has been a lot of time and resources used to move […]


6 Reasons Why Sellers Are Selling Their Hosting Business

When brokering the purchase of a hosting business, we are often asked why the host is selling in the first place – especially if the business is particularly profitable. There are a variety of reasons that sellers sell. In this post we will cover some common scenarios and what you need to know as a buyer. Hosting Insights: What the Seller Is Thinking and What You Need to Know 1. The seller is retiring In some cases, it is simply a matter of the company owner reaching the end of their working career. They are ready to move on from […]

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