Lead Generation Part 1: Outbound Lead Gen

Many readers will be aware that The Host Broker is operated alongside eBridge Marketing Solutions, our marketing arm. eBridge is a digital marketing agency created just for IT Service Providers. Recently eBridge’s Devin Rose and Colin Dowling presented a 30-minute webinar to answer both common and esoteric questions about outbound lead generation for IT Service Providers. Watch the webinar on

Outsourcing Marketing Effectively (Webinar)

Recently we were invited to give a presentation about marketing for a lunch and learn for Tandem Innovation Group, which describes themselves as “affiliate firm of Independent Professional CFO’s, Controllers, Project Accountants and Bookkeepers.” Tandem is a network that connects those with a need for fractional accounting with qualified accountants. Keeping with the spirit of working with outside professionals, my presentation entitled ‘Outsourcing Marketing Effectively’ discusses marketing tactics where low-cost can be prioritized, marketing tactics where quality-of-service should be prioritized, in addition to some general tips when working with outside marketers. Watch the webinar on

Webinar: To Build or Buy? Growth Strategies For Small to Mid-Sized Hosts

Hartland and Devin lead a discussion of best practices for growing your web hosting firm. In this session, we will discuss considerations for organic growth as well as growth through acquisition. Webinar Transcription Devin: All right. Welcome everyone to The Host Broker’s newest webinar. Thank you very much for joining us. I’m joined today by my boss, Hartland Ross, and my name is Devin Rose and we are from The Host Broker and eBridge Marketing Solutions, and today’s presentation is entitled “To Build or Buy? Growth Strategies For Small to Mid-Size Hosts”. And it’s interesting because Hartland and I have […]

Watch: An Interview with Phil Shih

Our own Hartland Ross is joined by Phil Shih from Structure Research for expert insights into the latest industry trends for IT Service Providers. Webinar Transcription Hartland: Welcome to today’s session everyone, and, have the pleasure of being joined today by Phil Shih. And, I’m going to let Phil introduce himself in a moment, but before I do, just a quick introduction on us, for those of you who are not familiar. eBridge and The Host Broker Hartland: My name is Hartland Ross, and I’m joined by Devin Rose here. eBridge Marketing, we are a digital marketing agency. We started […]

Watch: ‘Building to Scale, Acquire or Sell’ with Erick Simpson

Recently we were pleased to bring you a webinar featuring Erick Simpson as our guest expert. Many readers will know Erick as a renowned MSP business and channel growth expert, influencer, thought leader, author, speaker and consultant. You may have seen his speaking engagements at MSP industry events in years passed. Erick is an excellent orator offering countless nuggets of wisdom, and we hope you enjoy his presentation as much as we did. Watch the webinar on YouTube or read the transcript below for valuable insights into growing your MSP, acquiring an MSP, or selling your MSP. Transcript: ‘Building to […]

Marketing Strategy for MSPs during COVID

Hartland and Devin were recently invited to join the host of CompTIA’s BizTech podcast, Miles Jobgen, to discuss marketing MSPs during COVID. Based on the current marketing conditions, what growth strategies make sense? And given those strategies, what marketing tactics make sense? If you’d like to give the podcast a listen, you may find the episode here. Also be sure to check out the accompanying blog entry on our sister-site Enjoy!

MSP Mergers and Acquisitions Roadmap: From Due Diligence to a Successful Close

Listen to the CompTIA BizTech Podcast with Miles Jobgen and our own Hartland Ross Click here to listen Navigate the CompTIA BizTech Podcast with Miles Jobgen and our own Hartland Ross. Acquire trending MSP business information today! The acquisition frenzy in the MSP marketplace shows no sign of letting up. In fact, it’s getting more competitive than ever. As a buyer, you need to move quickly to secure the best deal, but a financially successful outcome requires a methodical and deliberate approach from a merger or acquisition managed service provider. In this podcast, Community Director Miles Jobgen and President of […]


Calculating Deferred Revenue for a Web Hosting Business

If you’re in the market to buy or sell a web hosting business, it’s important to understand the concept of ‘deferred revenue’ and how it impacts your valuation. Deferred revenue is a liability reflecting money that’s already been collected for services that are to be rendered in the future. Whereas normally revenue contributes positively to a hosting business’ valuation, deferred revenue decreases the valuation by virtue of being a liability. Hosting company valuations are largely determined based on the recurring revenue (i.e. the Annual Recurring Revenue, or ARR). As a general rule of thumb, a typical valuation of hosting businesses […]

Maximize Future Value: Key Components to Consider When Building Your IT Services Business

Increasing the value of your IT services business in preparation for a sale is not something that can happen overnight. It’s a process that involves multiple components working together and builds on itself over time, resulting in an increased value. While your business may still be young and you’re looking forward to many more years leading its growth, your exit strategy should still be considered. We’ve included below issues of finance, profitability, technology, agreements, and general management for you to incorporate into your plan. Finance Keep Separate Books for Different Lines of Business: While your business may be known for […]

6 Reasons to Consider Selling Your IT Services Business and 4 Ways To Get The Highest Price

In this ebook we address six reasons why you may be considering selling your business and the tactics you should employ to obtain the highest price. Click here to read the ebook. If you are interested in selling your business please click here for a free evaluation Free Evaluation

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