Webinar: How to Win New Accounts

MSP and VAR coach James Kernan joins Devin for a discussion about winning new accounts. Winning new accounts is very difficult in today’s competitive landscape. Have you ever wondered where do new accounts come from? Why do customers change vendors in the first place? We will discuss how to be perfectly positioned to win big deals. We will also go into detail about real-world multi-million dollar deals and how we closed them! Watch the webinar and read the blog at

Webinar: The Humanization of Marketing and Sales at Scale

In the world of IT Services, you’re involved in a very competitive field. And to stay ahead of the pack, you need both the reach that digital marketing provides and the “human touch” that closes sales. Otherwise, conversions from prospect to qualified lead, to paying customer will be bottlenecked somewhere along the line, and your leads will become your competitors’ MRR. Join us for a webinar meant for leaders of IT service providers to understand the trade-offs between humanization and scale, and to help bridge this gap between your marketing and sales teams. Watch the Webinar and Read the blog […]

WEBINAR: Marketing Tactics for MSPs

The most common MSP marketing question we are asked is: “Which marketing tactics are working for MSPs?” There are a lot of factors that go into answering: budget, geography, service catalogue, internal strengths, size of your existing database, etc. This webinar will contrast these factors in relation to an MSP’s stage of growth, and recommend marketing tactics to be prioritized. Watch the Webinar and Read the blog at

Webinar: How to Choose a Marketing Agency for IT Service Providers

Marketing for IT service providers is a different game than any other industry, and choosing the right marketing agency for IT services comes with a unique set of considerations. Watch and learn tips about finding the right marketing agency for your business. Watch the webinar on

Webinar: Top 10 most common challenges buyers of IT firms experience and how to avoid them

Hartland Ross leads a discussion about the Top 10 most common challenges buyers experience during the acquisition of IT services firms. 15 years of transactions has identified common themes as the basis for deals not getting done and buyers losing interest. Webinar Transcription Hartland: Good morning and welcome to today’s session. We’re going to be talking today about some of the most common challenges that buyers experienced during the acquisition process of IT service companies and my name’s Hartland Ross. I’m the president of e-commerce marketing solutions and a founder of eBridge and The Host Broker and MSP broker. The […]

Webinar: Pocket MBA for MSPs

Special guest Harry Brelsford from SMB Nation joins Devin to discuss his book ‘The Pocket MBA‘. Learn practical business lessons from one of the best-known names in managed services. Watch the webinar on

Webinar: The Role of Social Media for IT Service Providers

We are often asked about social media and its applications for IT service providers. While social media is undoubtedly more important for consumer brands, it still plays a valuable albeit limited role for those trying to sell to businesses as well. Join eBridge’s Devin Rose and Jason Park for a discussion about how you can best utilize social media in your marketing mix. Watch the webinar on

Webinar: What is with the crazy secondary IP market?

Watch an in-depth discussion from Hartland Ross on the process of buying and selling IPs on the secondary market. We’ll discuss what is the secondary market, why does it exist, why are prices going sky high and what are your options? Webinar Transcription Good morning or good afternoon, depending on where you are welcome to today’s session. Today I’m going to be talking all about this crazy secondary IP market. So what is it, how can you participate, why does it exist, and pricing, among other things. So welcome! My name is Hartland Ross. I’m the President of e-Bridge Marketing […]

A CEO’s Journey: From Inception to Exit

The journey of a CEO with special guest Dennis O’Connell. We’ll take you through the various stages of building and exiting a business. Learn how to navigate owner changes, personnel changes, sales strategy migration, financial evolution, the process of maturity, and how clients are viewed throughout the process. Webinar Transcription Hartland Ross: So welcome to today’s session.   Taylor Business Group  I have the pleasure of introducing you to Dennis O’Connell with Taylor Business Group and Dennis is joining us from Nebraska, right?  Dennis O’Connell: You bet. Omaha. Hartland: That’s what I thought. So excellent! And I really appreciate you joining […]

Webinar: Lead Generation Part 3 – Landing Pages

In the third part of our series on lead generation, Devin Rose is joined by eBridge’s web designer Jason Park to discuss the role of landing pages in lead generation, including best practices for IT Service Providers using landing pages in their lead generation campaigns. Watch the webinar on

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