As a Seller, Why Work With an IT Business Broker?

The decision to sell your business is never easy. When you’ve spent years building something from the ground up, you want to make sure that your business continues to thrive, even without your day-to-day involvement. Whether you’re thinking of selling because you want to retire, change industries, or have access to more opportunities post-merger, you only get one chance to do it right. That’s why having a partner you can trust during this process is critical.  Working with a business broker who specializes in your industry means relying on the expertise of someone who understands your business and can guide […]

SMB Community Podcast: Hartland Ross – Mergers and Acquisitions

Jost James sits down with Hartland Ross to talk about Mergers and Acquisitions. Check out the full Podcast episode below or click this link to listen. Do you have any questions of your own about selling your IT service provider? Please contact us today.

18 Questions Every Seller Should Ask Potential Buyers

If you’re an owner of an MSP, web hosting company, or other types of IT service and you’re looking to sell your business, there are a lot of factors to consider. Here are 18 questions you’ll want to put forward to potential buyers before signing a letter of intent or purchase agreement: General Questions Financial Questions Operational Questions Do you have any questions of your own about selling your IT service provider? Please contact us today.

The Sell Side Process for IT Service Provider Acquisitions

For owners of MSPs, web hosting companies, and other IT service providers, the proposition of selling their company can seem confusing and daunting. This video features Hartland Ross from The Host Broker clearing up what you need to know and what you can expect with the sell side process. You can also check out our Comic Book which gives an overview of what the process is like from a Seller’s perspective.

The Host Broker – an M&A Comic Book

One of the questions we see most often about M&A is: what the M&A process is like? To answer, we created this Comic Book which gives an overview of what the process is like from a Seller’s perspective. We had fun writing and illustrating this comic book and hope you enjoy reading it as well. The-Host-Broker-Comic-Book-1Download

MSP Mountain Podcast: Selling an MSP – Hartland Ross (The MSP Broker)

In this episode of MSP Mountain, Hartland Ross explores all the details about selling an MSP. Eric and Hartland dive deep into all you need to know at every step of the way!

MSP Business School – MSP M&A Strategies for the Masses

Are you an MSP thinking about doing your first acquisition?Are you privately funding the transaction?Are you a seller wondering where to start in getting ready for acquisition? If you answered yes to any of the questions listed above then you have to catch this week’s episode of MSP Business School, where Hartland Ross talks about the world of M&A, and what to do if you are a growing MSP looking to make moves without private equity.

Price Hike: What is Driving Higher Valuations of MSPs and IT Firm

Valuations for managed service providers and IT firms are increasing, and we’re seeing higher prices across locations and sectors. We’ve seen a number of factors driving higher valuations, leading to a market that is hotter than it has been in years. What this means for business owners is significant. On one hand, this may represent the right time to exit the business through a sale. On the other hand, there are compelling reasons to seek an acquisition to drive meaningful growth for your business. In our view, these prices are not artificially high, because there are identifiable reasons that IT […]

The Company I Work For Has Been Acquired – What Now?

While a successful acquisition can be a major achievement for both buyer and seller, for employees the acquisition process is seen much differently. It is abrupt and the source of concern. Join us for an expert panel about the perspectives of employees going through an acquisition, and learn how you can address their concerns to ensure a smooth transition for all parties. Webinar Transcription Devin: All righty. Well, thanks to everyone for joining us today. I’m really excited to be bringing us this webinar panel today. And I tell you what, you know, I say this for a lot of […]

7 Reasons to Hire a Business Broker

An interesting new blog from one of our partners, HatchIt, which is a platform for aggregators, entrepreneurs, and investors acquiring online and tech companies. They’ll share with us the reasons why you should hire a business broker. As a business owner and entrepreneur, you’ve likely poured your heart and soul into your company. So, when it comes time to sell, how can you ensure the best possible outcome? Hiring an experienced business broker is a great place to start. Here are 7 reasons why you should consider hiring a broker to help sell your business: 1. Accurate business valuation and […]

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