One of the respected brokers in the industry

Hartland is a professional person and one of the respected brokers in the industry. I did multiple transactions with him over a period of years, both as seller and as buyer. His weekly list is also very nice and always have opportunities there. I’ll be happy to elaborate by email to anyone that is considering to use the services of Hartland. EC


Whatever a new day brings, Hartland was always super-professional and ready to help!

We worked closely with eBridge Marketing Solutions (TheHostBroker.com) for more than 3 years. Hartland was our primary contact for all the questions we had and believe me we had a lot! During these 3 years we had failed deals because of unforeseen circumstances, sudden course changes and finally successful acquisition. Whatever a new day brings, Hartland was always super-professional and ready to help. But… still… there is one question he wasn’t able to answer: How can he manage all the meetings, e-mails, contracts, deals and in same time remember something you casually said 1 year ago while hanging on a phone with him waiting for others to join? Working with Hartland completely changed my perception of brokerage. Guys, thank you for your hard work!

Alex Lyakh

Hostbroker Got Me The Company

eBridge got me the company I wanted for the price I wanted and I was very pleased with how the transaction was completed. I would recommend eBridge to either a seasoned buyer or a first time buyer. Their experience was an asset.

Gary Aslanyan


A Very Pleasant Experience

Working with eBridge and particularly Hartland was a very pleasant experience. Hartland is one of the most polite and punctual people with which I have ever worked, always following up and staying on top of things. Thanks alot.

Jacob Thomason

Ackoo Solutions, LLC | ackoo.com

Professional, Honest, Very Knowledgeable

I’m very glad that I was able to use their services. Without Hartland, I would not have gotten such a good deal. They are definitely worth their minimal fee.They’re professional, honest, very knowledgeable, very responsive in both emails and chat, and things that would have been complicated had I handled them myself were handled by them hassle free.

Ben Francisco

BGFweb | bgfweb.com

I would recommend Hartland to anyone looking to sell their company.

We had worked with Hartland a few years earlier when considering to buy another hosting company. We were impressed with his mannerism and professionalism and thought of him immediately when we wanted to sell Utopia.

Hartland has been great to work with. He is on top of the emails and conference calls and offers a lot of advice in guidance in the process, but also does not try to extend beyond his means or expertise, and will tell you. I would recommend Hartland to anyone looking to sell their company.

Utopia Systems

With us every step of the way.

I started speaking with Hartland through the services provided by thehostbroker to find a suitable buyer for the business my partner and I founded. Hartland marketed our business, and was able to secure a number of interested parties before settling on one buyer.

Hartland was with us every step of the way, from initial discussions to closing the deal. The entire process was simple, easy and painless. We would recommend Hartland to anyone looking to find the most suitable buyer to exit their company to.

Andy Johnson

Pixeno | pixeno.com

We were completely blown away when eBridge listed our company for sale and within a week we had over a dozen potential buyers.

When we decided to sell our webhosting company, we decided to list it with Hartland Ross ateBridge Marketing Solutions. We knew that Hartland could reach a large audience of potential buyers with his newsletter, and hoped that we could find a buyer within a six month time frame. We were completely blown away when eBridge listed our company for sale and within a week we had over a dozen potential buyers request more details. Hartland was very quickly lining us up with conference calls with qualified buyers. Within a few short weeks, we had found the perfect buyer and closed the deal. Hartland was there for us every step of the way with advice and help navigating through the sale. The Internet world is full of people who talk a great game but don’t deliver. eBridge delivers, and we received much more than what we paid for. We heartily recommend eBridge Marketing Solutions.

Larry Dozier

Charles Oppitz

Invaluable To Have The Professional Touch

It has been great to work with Hartland and eBridge during our acquisitions of hosting companies. It is invaluable to have the professional and personal touch that they provided to us in our due diligence. They made a highly complicated process go smoothly for both parties. I would highly recommend their services.

Matt Ferris

River City Media, LLC.

Made an Acquisition with their Help

We have known eBridge (theHostbroker) for 5 years and have used their marketing services but recently we made an acquisition with their help. The process went smoothly from due diligence to paperwork to migration. They were responsive to our requests making sure we had the information we required to evaluate the deal and referred us to an attorney specializing in the hosting industry. We’re pleased with the outcome and hope to do another transaction through eBridge (theHostbroker).

Avi Brender

Elitehosts | elitehosts.com