Sellers of Web Hosting & IT Service Companies

If you are an IT services business (hosting company, MSP, data center, IaaS, systems integrator, ISP or B2B SaaS provider including a Hosted PBX service provider), and are considering selling or simply want to learn more about your options, offers comprehensive, confidential and professional brokering services. Lean on our extensive business brokering experience to help you evaluate your options and secure your exit if that is your intent! brings consulting, exposure (marketing) and the benefits of a third party negotiator to you meaning you get more offers and ultimately a higher price for your business. We have been working with buyers and sellers since 2001 to get them the best deal possible. We are extremely well connected in the industry and are able to work these connections for your benefit.

You might be interested in reading more about some of the reasons to considering selling and some of the ways to get a higher valuation by reading our whitepaper titled 6 Reasons to Consider Selling Your IT Services Business and 4 Ways to get the Highest Price. Also if you are curious to learn more about valuations, timelines and the process involved in selling your hosting company, data center, MSP, IaaS, SI business, ISP or Hosted PBX business or if you have an IP address block that you no longer require, please contact us today for a confidential consultation. Fill in the  form and we will get in contact with you to discuss your options and the best strategy to get you the best deal now or down the road!