About The Host Broker

As a seller, we will work to market your IT services business to our curated list of buyers in order to find prospective qualified buyers for you. Under the terms of our listing agreement, we will furnish prospective buyers with a relevant package of material describing your business and will also introduce prospective buyers to you.

As a buyer, we will provide the relevant materials and documentation in order for you to evaluate each opportunity to determine its suitability to your goals.

If you are considering buying or selling a web hosting business or MSP or any other IT services business, let’s work together to find the right opportunity or offer for you. We are persistent and prepared to work to get you the deal you want whether you are a buyer or a seller!

Not your standard “Why Us?”

We have evolved from a business that simply provides services like any other business to an organization with a much more powerful and compelling reason to be in business in the first place! This drives the What, Why and How for all that we do. We are motivated each day by what may seem to be a cliché but which we truly believe to be a much more powerful reason to work with us. As good as we believe we are at what we do, we are really motivated by adding value to other people’s lives through consistency in action and leadership, creating inspiration and ideas and by providing support and opportunities that might otherwise be overlooked and unattainable. Ultimately, this support and opportunity may mean moving a seller from a position of poor health or disdain for their current business into creating new opportunities and perspective on life! For a buyer, it could give them a chance to grow and add value to customers who may have been neglected for some time allowing them to grow financially and otherwise opening up the possibility to improve both their lives and the lives of their team and the end customers being served. We believe this is the most important work we can do!