MSP Acquisition Roadmap: From Due Diligence to a Successful Close

Listen to the CompTIA BizTech Podcast with Miles Jobgen and our own Hartland Ross

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The acquisition frenzy in the MSP marketplace shows no sign of letting up. In fact, it’s getting more competitive than ever. As a buyer, you need to move quickly to secure the best deal, but a financially successful outcome requires a methodical and deliberate approach. In this podcast, Community Director Miles Jobgen and President of eBridge Marketing Solutions Hartland Ross walk you through some of the key components and considerations required to complete a successful MSP purchase that is a win-win for both parties.

Hartland Ross is an entrepreneur and the founder and president of eBridge Marketing Solutions – an agency focused on both organic (via digital marketing) and inorganic (via mergers and acquisitions) growth focused on IT service firms.  His primary role involves leading M&A transactions listed on their site at which puts buyers and sellers of MSPs and other IT service firms together.