How to Avoid Selling Your MSP for Only $14,000

In this podcast episode, Joe, Jeff, and Hartland Ross discuss the importance of having an exit strategy and processes in place for MSPs to avoid burnout and increase the value of their business. He also highlights the benefits of acquiring and growing a book of business and advises sellers to understand the limitations of their business and what it is worth. The conversation also touches on the emotional process of selling a business, and how one may want to consider what they plan to do once the business is sold.

SMB Community Podcast: Hartland Ross – Mergers and Acquisitions

Jost James sits down with Hartland Ross to talk about Mergers and Acquisitions. Check out the full Podcast episode below or click this link to listen.

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MSP Mountain Podcast: Selling an MSP – Hartland Ross (The MSP Broker)

In this new episode of MSP Mountain, Hartland Ross explores all the details about selling an MSP (Managed Service Provider). Eric and Hartland dive deep into all you need to know at every step of the way!