Questions to Ask When Selecting an M&A Advisor

As the IT services industry continues to grow, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have become a crucial strategy for MSPs, hosting companies, and other IT service providers to expand their capabilities, their team, their customer base and to remain competitive. However, the likelihood of a successful transaction largely depends on selecting the right advisor. M&A advisors help companies find potential acquisition targets and/or buyers, negotiate deals, and manage the transaction process. The wrong advisor can lead to mistakes, missed opportunities, and ultimately, a failed transaction. Selecting an M&A advisor with industry experience, professional skills, and a large business network is essential. In this blog, we’ll discuss the questions to ask and things to consider when selecting an M&A advisor for IT service providers.

What is Your Level of IT Industry Experience?

Many M&A advisors are generalists, and the IT services market isn’t easy for a generalist to wrap their head around. So you’ll want to work with an advisor who has experience in the IT industry and has an understanding of your business model, pertinent financial metrics, and the services you provide. Ask about the advisor’s experience in the IT services market and their knowledge of the latest trends, developments and valuations. Ask about the advisor’s experience in closing deals, their success rate, and their track record in the IT services industry specifically.

What Size Deals Do You Advise On?

M&A deals can vary greatly in size and complexity. Ask about the advisor’s experience with deals of a similar size and complexity to yours. You want to work with an advisor who can handle the specific challenges or nuances of your business.

How Do You Mitigate Risk?

M&A deals can be risky. You can invest a lot of time and money in a deal only for it to fall apart. Ask about the advisor’s approach to risk management and their experience in dealing with potential risks. Look for an advisor who can help you manage the risks associated with your deal and protect your interests.

How Do You Approach Client Confidentiality?

M&A deals require a high level of confidentiality, not only with the advisor, but between the buyer and seller. Ask about the advisor’s approach to client confidentiality and their track record in this area. Look for an advisor who has a plan for confidentiality to be maintained throughout the transaction.

How Large is Your Network of Contacts?

An M&A advisor’s network is crucial in finding potential buyers or sellers. Do they have other brokers they work with? Do they have a large contact list or mailing list to reach out to? Look for an advisor who has a broad network of contacts in the IT services industry and can provide you with access to potential buyers or sellers.

What is Your Fee Structure and Compensation?

Look for an advisor who is transparent about their fees and who can provide you with a clear understanding of the costs involved in the transaction.

Final Thoughts

When selecting an M&A advisor, it’s important to ask the questions we have highlighted in this blog as they are among the key factors that will impact the likelihood of a success transaction. Consider the advisor’s experience, expertise, and network, as well as their approach to risk management, confidentiality, and fee structure.

Selecting an M&A advisor is not a decision to be taken lightly. IT service providers should take the time to carefully consider their options and choose an advisor who can provide them with the best chance of success. By asking the right questions, IT service providers can select an M&A advisor who can help them achieve both their personal and business goals..

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