Webinar: Lead Generation Part 3 – Landing Pages

In the third part of our series on lead generation, Devin Rose is joined by eBridge’s web designer Jason Park to discuss the role of landing pages in lead generation, including best practices for IT Service Providers using landing pages in their lead generation campaigns.

Watch the webinar on www.ebridgemarketingsolutions.com.

Lead Generation Part 1: Outbound Lead Gen

Many readers will be aware that The Host Broker is operated alongside eBridge Marketing Solutions, our marketing arm. eBridge is a digital marketing agency created just for IT Service Providers. Recently eBridge’s Devin Rose and Colin Dowling presented a 30-minute webinar to answer both common and esoteric questions about outbound lead generation for IT Service Providers.

Watch the webinar on www.ebridgemarketingsolutions.com.

Outsourcing Marketing Effectively (Webinar)

Recently we were invited to give a presentation about marketing for a lunch and learn for Tandem Innovation Group, which describes themselves as “affiliate firm of Independent Professional CFO’s, Controllers, Project Accountants and Bookkeepers.” Tandem is a network that connects those with a need for fractional accounting with qualified accountants. Keeping with the spirit of working with outside professionals, my presentation entitled ‘Outsourcing Marketing Effectively’ discusses marketing tactics where low-cost can be prioritized, marketing tactics where quality-of-service should be prioritized, in addition to some general tips when working with outside marketers.

Watch the webinar on www.ebridgemarketingsolutions.com