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Western US Design and Hosting Business

Western US design and hosting business with 2023 revenue of ~$500k and adjusted EBITDA of ~$330k. Business specializes in cost effective website development, hosting, and SEO. Customer base is primarily SMBs in the US with recurring revenue coming from website subscriptions, development and hosting. Run by two owners managing their two staff members. Offers flexible payment options. Selling looking to exit.


ARIN IPv4 Blocks: 1 x /21. Can be transferred to RIPE or APNIC.


LACNIC IPv4 blocks – 2x/22 blocks in available at attractive prices. Can be transferred to RIPE, LACNIC or ARIN


RIPE IPv4 block: 5x/22s that can be transferred to ARIN or APNIC. (GEO is USA.)


IPv4 Blocks: 2x LACNIC /22s. Can be transferred to ARIN, RIPE or APNIC.


APNIC IPv4 Blocks: 3 x /24. Can be transferred to RIPE or ARIN.


RIPE IPv4 block: one pristine /22 that can be transferred to ARIN or APNIC.


APNIC IPV4 blocks: 2x/22s and 1x/23 at a great price that will move quickly. Can be transferred to ARIN and RIPE


Specialized ecommerce provider for outdoor sporting goods market with supplier integration. $72,000 of annualized revenues from ~75 small business clients. All USD, 95% monthly, Linux, cPanel, WHMCS. Server leased from an established 3rd party provider. Stable customer base, excellent margins. As this is a spinout there are no stand alone financials.


Southeastern US hoster generating ~$870k/year from Cloud Hosting – VPS/VLAN (~86%) and Co-location (~14%). Cloud Hosting is 85% Windows. Leases co-lo space from a third party co-location provider. Quickbooks billing and accounting. Operating income margin >40% after unusual costs. Owner is retiring.