REMOVED – No longer on the market

Australian Digital Marketing Business

Established, Australian digital marketing business with current annualized recurring revenue of ~$420k+ and revenue growth of 80+%. Business is primarily SEO and Facebook ads management. Company has grown without spending money on advertising and believes this is an avenue for future growth.


REMOVED – Has decided not to sell at this time

North American MSP, Cloud Hoster and Software Developer

UPDATED – North American MSP, cloud hoster and application developer with LTM revenue of ~$1.9m and profits of ~$400k. Operates a cloud platform (~50% of revenue) and provides professional services focused on services that run on top of their cloud platform. Principal would consider staying on if desired. Pre-approval required.


REMOVED – Has decided not to sell

Northeastern US based hoster with annual revenues of more than $750,000. Products are Website Hosting, Design and Promotion with the principal hosting products being dedicated and shared hosting. cPanel & WHMCS. Customers are US and Canadian. Servers leased from third party providers.


REMOVED – Has decided not to sell

Northern California based Fortune 500 & Lower Middle Market Operational IT Security Firm with gross annual revenue of more than $7M (~50% is recurring) with 37+ employees. Offers a broad range of IT, Cloud & security consulting, procurement, and deployment services including disaster recovery, data protection, back up solutions, cloud services, systems monitoring and maintenance, and special projects as needed. One co-owner will stay on for the right partner.


REMOVED – Price expectations

Growing Southeastern US MSP with 2020 revenues of ~$3m (>50% recurring). Focused on database management services. Work is done remotely with a worldwide customer base that is largely in North and South America, and Europe. Customers on contracts and mostly in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, information technology and software. Seller is willing to stay on if desired.


UPDATED – Pre-approval required. Owners want to stay on.

US East Coast provider of IT services to US clients with 2020 revenues of $3.7m and EBITDA of $1.4m (2021 forecast of $5.7m and 2.0m respectively.) All clients are US based, staff is in the US and India. Helps clients with software implementation, upgrades and application development, among other services. Recurring revenue model. Owners will stay on if desired. Needs preapproval.


REMOVED – Not ready to sell

UPDATED: To reflect remaining range available.

ARIN IPv4 blocks: 1 x /21. Can be transferred to RIPE and APNIC

ARIN IPv4 blocks: 2 x /21s. Can be transferred to RIPE and APNIC


REMOVED – Price Expectations

Texas based MSP with 2020 revenues of approximately $2.3M and adjusted EBITDA of ~$1.3M. Services include: break/fix maintenance and support (56%), recurring maintenance (36%), product sales (6%) and other (2%). Solar winds n-able (formerly MSP manager / Capzure) for billing and documentation. Atera RMM for some customers. Seller is willing to stay on.


REMOVED – Pricing expectations above market

Established Hong Kong based VPN provider with over 10,000 subscribers and annualized revenue of approximately GBP650k. Operating income margin of over 20%. Site hosted in the UK with most of their customers is the US, UK and several other western countries. Four employees (three of which are owners.) Pre-approval required.


REMOVED – Seller still working on their numbers

Established Saas online marketplace for freelance work with US$400,000 of annual revenue. The service matches highly-skilled pre-screened experts with high-value projects from around the world in more than 600 different categories and skill sets (primarily in web development, programming, graphics, sales & marketing, writing, translation, and more). The business model is based on subscription with three main plans: 1 Month / 3 Months / 12 Months as well as certified expert membership, hot projects, one-time bids and more. 4 Employees (2 Senior Java JS Developers / 2 Customers Service), 250,000 users internationally, and customers include eBay, Google Microsoft, Yahoo, Intel, HP, Groupon.