UK area Hoster

Established, UK area hoster with ~GBP 600k of annualized revenue. Revenues largely from shared (25%), colocation (20%), domains (15%) dedicated (10%), and cloud (10%) among other services. Excellent reputation, WHMCS, cPanel/Plesk, Windows/Linux mix, mostly monthly payers. Company would prefer to sell all the customers in a single transaction.


APNIC IPv4 Blocks

APNIC IPv4 Blocks: 2x/22 and 1x/24. Ranges can be transferred to ARIN, RIPE or LACNIC. Can be purchased together or as a group.


ARIN IPv4 block

ARIN IPv4 block: 1x/22 transferable only within ARIN.


ARIN IPv4 Block

ARIN IPv4 Block: 1x/19 and 1x/20. Can be purchased together or separately, ranges can be transferred to APNIC, ARIN or LACNIC


Eastern Canadian Hoster

Eastern Canadian hoster spinning out and selling 125 VMware VPS customers. Annualized revenue of $184.6k USD. All customers hosted in the USA. Most customers are SMBs, almost all are on Linux. <10% adult customers. All billing is in USD using WHMCS. The seller wants to focus on their shared hosting business. This is a spinout and sale of customers so there are no financials.


Northeastern US Digital Marketing Agency

Established, Northeastern US, growing, digital marketing agency with revenue of ~$550k and cash flow of ~$300k. Firm provides a variety of services including logo design, web hosting, SEO, content marketing, etc. Excellent reviews. Key employees will stay with the firm post transaction.


Western Canadian MSP

Established Western Canadian MSP with 2023 revenues projected at ~CAD$6m and EBITDA of ~CAD$500k with recurring revenue from licensing, printing and services. Most of the revenue comes from hardware and licensing sales. 9 employees willing to stay on and owner is willing to stay depending on the offer.


VPS hoster

VPS hoster with annual revenues of ~$240k. Using KVM and OpenVZ. Servers co-located in third party facilities in 3 major US markets. Also provides dedicated and shared hosting. DirectAdmin control panel.


Western Canadian MSP

Western Canadian MSP with trailing twelve month (TTM) revenue of CAD$2.7M as of June 2023 and EBTIDA of CAD$531K. Revenue breakdown: Managed IT Services (12%), consulting, cyber security and data protection (31%), VOIP, internet installation and hosting (14%), equipment and software sales (30%), and other (13%). ~50% of revenue is recurring. Customers are on annual contracts. Employees are expected to transition to buyer. Owners are looking to pursue other interests however they are willing to stay on for up a year to provide transition support.


Southern US MSP

Established, Southern US MSP with $470k in annual revenue and adjusted EBITDA of $146K in 2022. Industries served include medical, legal, non-profit, oilfield, and engineering. Using N-able for an RMM and ConnectWise for a PSA. One tier 1 tech is expected to stay on and the owner is willing to assist in the transition. Owner is motivated to sell.