Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing agency with annual revenue of more than $4m and cash flow of $1.8m with ~65% recurring customers, fortune 50 customers and an average order value of more than $75k. 12 employees and no seasonality.


Digital Agency

Digital agency with 2023 revenue of ~$4.2m and EBITDA of ~$1.7m. The Company creates digital and viral experiences for brands that are looking for creative ways to break through the noise of the internet. The main products of the firm are (a) creating large scale viral marketing campaigns for brands, (b) full video production for commercials, TV shows, etc., (c) providing various software as service / white label technology solutions for brands. Well known marquee customers.


REMOVED – IOI date passed and offers have been presented.

Southeastern US Cloud Hosting Business

Established Southeastern US VMWare based cloud hosting business generating ~$3.3M in 2023 with EBTIDA of ~$1.3M. 85% MRR. 6 employees with minimal owner involvement, 6 year avg customer tenure. Company specializes in accounting and financial firms and servers are in owned facility. Seller willing to provide transition support but is wanting to focus on another business. Real estate is optional. Deadline for IOIs is Jan. 31st


REMOVED – Under agreement

Full-service digital marketing agency

Full-service digital marketing agency with annual revenue of ~$3.7m and cash flow of ~$550k. Main focus has been building scalable, repeatable, direct-response online marketing systems for customer acquisition and retention. Agency works with eCommerce businesses, SaaS products, mobile apps, B2B organizations, personal brands, etc. Average contract size of ~$2,500. Well known within the Amazon fulfillment community.


REMOVED – Under agreement

US East Coast MSP

US east coast MSP with 2023 revenues projected at ~$4.3m and EBITDA of ~$1.6m. Business focused on the IBM i platform and applications. Most services provided under three-year contracts. Experienced team of 20 IT professionals. Sellers may remain with buyer if desired.


REMOVED – Past bid deadline

Mexico Based Hoster

Established Mexico based hoster with annualized revenue of ~US$4mm largely from shared/dedicated/VPS hosting, domains, etc. ~30k customers and employees are in Mexico.


REMOVED – Past bid deadline

Western US IT MSP

Established, Western US IT MSP with annual revenues of $5m and cash flow of $2m. Company’s clients are small and mid-market businesses with a focus on non-profits. Seller is exiting the business.


REMOVED – Unresponsive

Western US MSP

Growing, western US, server based MSP with 2022 revenue of $5m and adjusted EBITDA of $0.5m. Provides managed IT solutions, hosting and business consulting on a nationwide basis. MRR is one-third of revenue.


REMOVED – Under Agreement

Mid-Atlantic Microsoft Silver MSP

Mid-Atlantic Microsoft Silver MSP with annual revenue of ~$4.7m (~30% recurring) and ~$1.2m EBITDA. 70% of revenue from project work while 30% comes from managed services. Company focuses on customized IT and security solutions with a vertical market specialization. Connectwise Manage, Continuum RMM, Sentinel One EDR, Veeam, Azure and Barracuda. Owner is willing to assist with both transition and growth. Solo owner has expanded the business to his full capacity, thus the reason for selling.


REMOVED – Pending agreement

Midwestern US Managed Cloud Services, and Data Center & Access Provider

Midwestern US managed cloud services, and data center & access provider with ~$3M in revenue and ~$880K in EBITDA. Revenue derived from cloud computing (~60%), internet connectivity (~25%), and colocation (~6%). 3rd party DC on month to month lease. 92% of revenue is recurring. Company is also a registered CLEC) in the state. 2x/19 IPv4 blocks. Seller is retiring.