REMOVED – Bid due date passed

Southwestern US MSP

Southwestern US MSP with annualized revenue of ~$2m and EBITDA of ~$440k from ~35 customers. ~50% recurring revenue. Provides a full suite of onsite and remote support, off-site backup, and cybersecurity services to SMBs. 6 FTEs. IOIs due on 9/29/2023.


REMOVED – Reviewing offers

Eastern US MSP

Established eastern US MSP with 2023 estimated revenues at ~$1.8m and adjusted EBITDA of $0.5m. 70+% recurring revenue. Products include managed services, data security services and cloud solutions. 10 employees. Focused on healthcare, local government, manufacturing, auto dealerships, & insurance verticals.


REMOVED – Under agreement

US Midwest MSP

Updated – MSP in the US Midwest with $1.1m in revenue and $122k in earnings in 2022. 40% of revenues are from Managed Services. 6 employees who are expected to stay on post-close. Customers are 5% SOHO, 85% small businesses, and 10% mid-sized businesses. Company is growing. Owner is exiting as they are moving out of the region.


REMOVED – Under agreement

Email Capture SAAS Business

Established, email capture SAAS business with annualized revenue of ~$1m and income of ~$840k. WordPress plugin and Shopify app are included and the product integrates with dozens of top email service providers. Business has not been actively managed for several years but retains a strong brand and infrastructure.


European Union based, SAAS Email Design and Content Management Platform (Saas)

Established, European Union based, SAAS email design and content management platform (Saas) with $1m ARR projected by year end 2023, 30% profit margin and 30% YoY growth. Designed for end users, enterprises, agencies, and white-label integration into any SaaS. 75% of the revenues are from the US. ISO27001 certified with a full-remote team of 15 (including 2 founders). Sellers aim to transfer the business completely but are open to stay for a convenient transition period.


REMOVED – Under agreement

Western US MSP

Established, Western US MSP with an annual revenue of $1.3M (65% recurring) from over 200 clients. Business includes unified storage infrastructure and a platform for media assets / digital archives primarily serving to post-production, news and public broadcasting companies. Seller is changing industries but willing to assist the buyer during the transition including working a few hours a week for a period of time.


REMOVED – Has decided not to sell

Mid-Atlantic US MSP

Established Mid-Atlantic US MSP generating ~$1.2M in revenue and ~35% EBITDA in 2022 from managed services, backup, helpdesk, EDR & IHP, Email, and VOIP among other services. Connectwise Control, SentinelOne, Fortinet, Huntress, Connectwise SIEM, Intermedia and Quickbooks. 61% MRR. Seller is looking to retire but will be available for transition support.


US & EU Cpanel Shared Hoster

UPDATED – Established US & EU cPanel shared hoster with revenues of ~$1.1m and adjusted EBITDA of ~$577k (excluding all owner expenses.) US third party colocation & server rental, QuickBooks, cPanel/WHMCS, outsourced English-speaking support. Owners willing to assist with migration.


REMOVED – Past bid deadline

Pacific Northwest MSP

Established, Pacific northwest MSP with annual revenues of ~$1.3m (80% recurring) and cash flow of ~$390k. Focuses on SMBs, managing business networks for clients in multiple states, and providing VoIP services for businesses of various sizes. Owner is looking to explore other opportunities.


Pacific Northwest Hosting and Ecommerce Platform

Pacific Northwest hosting and ecommerce platform with ~$1.8m revenue, ~$187k EBITDA in 2022, 11k hosting customers, 25k paid site builder customers, and 373k total active users. 60% of customers in the US. Proprietary website builder comparable to Wix, Weebly, and SquareSpace, allowing opportunities for upselling and cross selling. 12 ft employees. Seller looking to exit industry and focus on their other businesses.