REMOVED – Under agreement

Southwestern US Web Hosting and Design/Development Firm

Established Southwestern US Web Hosting and design/development firm with annualized 2023 revenues of ~$170k and income, excl owner expenses, of ~$70k. ~$105k is recurring and ~$60k is design and development. Hosting is almost all shared hosting. cPanel, WHMCS. Servers and VPSs are leased from three major providers. 90% small business customers.


REMOVED – Past bid deadline

Mexico Based Hoster

Established Mexico based hoster with annualized revenue of ~US$4mm largely from shared/dedicated/VPS hosting, domains, etc. ~30k customers and employees are in Mexico.


REMOVED – Under agreement

Southcentral US Hoster

Southcentral US hoster with $451k in annualized revenue from two brands. Shared, VMs, and domains. 100% Linux. Customers are 95% small businesses or SOHO. 98% of customers are in the USA. WHMCS used for billing. One /22 ARIN IPv4 block included. Seller looking to exit the hosting industry and focus on their primary career.


US & EU Cpanel Shared Hoster

UPDATED – Established US & EU cPanel shared hoster with revenues of ~$1.1m and adjusted EBITDA of ~$577k (excluding all owner expenses.) US third party colocation & server rental, QuickBooks, cPanel/WHMCS, outsourced English-speaking support. Owners willing to assist with migration.


REMOVED – Under agreement

US Based dedicated/shared hoster

Established, US Based dedicated/shared hoster with 2022 revenue of ~US$418k and ~$106K in Q1 2023. WHMCS billing. Servers and IP allocation are owned; no control panel, Windows VM managed by customers. Pre-approval required.


REMOVED – Under agreement

US Hoster

UPDATED – Revenues updated to $425k/y. Established US hoster with two brands and annual revenues ~$350k from VPS, shared hosting, VPN and IP leasing. cPanel, LINUX, WHMCS. Customers pay by PayPal, Credit Card and Bitcoin. Two data centers, both month to month. All IPs are leased, including those leased to customers.



US VPS, Dedicated and Shared Hoster

Growing, US VPS, dedicated and shared hoster with projected 2023 annual recurring revenue of ~$2.7m from thousands of customers. ~30% of MRR from the US with the remainder from customers around the world. ~15% of revenue from development of mobile & web applications.


Pacific Northwest Hosting and Ecommerce Platform

Pacific Northwest hosting and ecommerce platform with ~$1.8m revenue, ~$187k EBITDA in 2022, 11k hosting customers, 25k paid site builder customers, and 373k total active users. 60% of customers in the US. Proprietary website builder comparable to Wix, Weebly, and SquareSpace, allowing opportunities for upselling and cross selling. 12 ft employees. Seller looking to exit industry and focus on their other businesses.


REMOVED – Seller change of direction

Southeastern US shared & VPS hoster

Southeastern US shared & VPS hoster with annual revenues of ~$1.2m. Customers are largely North American and W European. Servers located in North AMerica, W Europe and Asia.


Indian Hoster

Indian hoster with ~$2.1m/y from 3 brands providing dedicated servers (majority), shared, PaaS, Cloud, and VPS as well as from a number of resellers. 95% Linux. Hostbill, cPanel, Plesk, Virtualizor, Jelastic, DirectAdmin and SolidCP/Hyper-V. Customers pay in USD, EUR and INR via Razorpay, Stripe and Paypal. Customers located in 3rd party month to month DCs in India and the US. Support in English via a team that will transition to buyer. IPs and equipment included. Seller looking to focus on his SaaS business.