Eastern Canadian Hoster

Eastern Canadian hoster spinning out and selling 125 VMware VPS customers. Annualized revenue of $184.6k USD. All customers hosted in the USA. Most customers are SMBs, almost all are on Linux. <10% adult customers. All billing is in USD using WHMCS. The seller wants to focus on their shared hosting business. This is a spinout and sale of customers so there are no financials.


Northeastern US IT Data, Consulting and AI Business

Established, Northeastern US IT data, consulting and AI business with run rate revenues of ~$12.6m and EBITDA margins of ~30%. Company helps clients implement technologies ranging from cloud computing to AI and machine learning. Excellent customer base and re-occurring revenue model.


Northeastern US Digital Marketing Agency

Established, Northeastern US, growing, digital marketing agency with revenue of ~$550k and cash flow of ~$300k. Firm provides a variety of services including logo design, web hosting, SEO, content marketing, etc. Excellent reviews. Key employees will stay with the firm post transaction.


REMOVED – Under agreement

Southwestern US Web Hosting and Design/Development Firm

Established Southwestern US Web Hosting and design/development firm with annualized 2023 revenues of ~$170k and income, excl owner expenses, of ~$70k. ~$105k is recurring and ~$60k is design and development. Hosting is almost all shared hosting. cPanel, WHMCS. Servers and VPSs are leased from three major providers. 90% small business customers.


US Shopify focused, digital agency

US Shopify focused, digital agency with annual revenues of ~$2.1m and cash flow of ~$1.2m. Starter product bundles store setup, ad management, and comprehensive site management and then shifts to ad sales and ongoing management services. Agency keeps a profits interest on sites under management. Uses a mix of employees (5) and contractors. The two owners will stay as required to ensure a seamless transition.


REMOVED – Under agreement

Eastern Canada Web Hoster

Eastern Canada web hoster with ~$222k of annualized revenue primarily from cloud VMs and shared hosting. Has ~100 VMs generating ~$150k/year. 80% of customers in Canada, 15% in USA, 5% other. Using HostBill and cPanel/WHM. 50% Linux, 50% Windows. Has two contractors. Seller is looking to get out of the hosting industry.


REMOVED – No longer available

Hosting Company

Hoster looking to spin off four bare metal, high IP usage customers with 165 servers and ~$172k/y in total revenue. Requires ~155x/24s. Transaction works best for buyer with excess IPs. Seller may consider a migration based transaction.


REMOVED – Not accepting new buyers at this time

Western US Hoster and Web Developer

Established, western US hoster and web developer with 2022 revenues of ~$70k and adjusted EBITDA of ~$40k. Uses CPanel, CloudLinux, WordPress and WHMCS. All clients pay for hosting. Seller is looking to retire.


REMOVED – Under agreement

Email Capture SAAS Business

Established, email capture SAAS business with annualized revenue of ~$1m and income of ~$840k. WordPress plugin and Shopify app are included and the product integrates with dozens of top email service providers. Business has not been actively managed for several years but retains a strong brand and infrastructure.


European Union based, SAAS Email Design and Content Management Platform (Saas)

Established, European Union based, SAAS email design and content management platform (Saas) with $1m ARR projected by year end 2023, 30% profit margin and 30% YoY growth. Designed for end users, enterprises, agencies, and white-label integration into any SaaS. 75% of the revenues are from the US. ISO27001 certified with a full-remote team of 15 (including 2 founders). Sellers aim to transfer the business completely but are open to stay for a convenient transition period.