REMOVED – Company is experiencing a growth surge and plans relist in the future

RETURNED TO THE LIST- Canadian Web Hosting Company with ~$5.9mm CAD of 2018 annual revenue (up from 2017) and EBITDA 20%+. Service offerings include cloud and dedicated hosting. Customers include Fortune 500 Companies, VPN, SEO, Proxy base clients, and many other Corporate enterprises. Approximately 2,000 servers largely co-located in a large 3rd party data center in the US with a few cabinets in several cities around the world. Also owns approximately 500k IPv4 addresses. 90% of the customers/servers use Linux and 10% use Windows. 70% of the customers pay monthly, 20% pay quarterly, 5% pay semi-annual, and 5% pay annually. Ubersmith billing. cPanel and Plesk control panels. Buyers must be preapproved.