REMOVED – On hold

Western European hosting company

Western European hosting company with annualized revenue of ~E840k from Webhosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers, and Domains. Accredited registrar for Nominet, Eurid, and others. Control panels used include Plesk, cPanel, and Proxmox. Linux OS. Owns 1x /23 and 2x /22 IPv4 blocks. Mostly European clients. Owner is looking to retire and sell 100% of the shares of the company.


REMOVED – Under agreement

Western European hoster

Established, growing Western European hoster with projected 2023 revenue of ~E2.6m. Hosting revenue breakdown is ~54% VPS; ~30% Dedicated; and ~16% co-location. Business operates out of 7 data centers, 4 in Europe and 3 in the U.S. Linux; DirectAdmin and Virtualizor control panels; English only support.


Eastern European Hoster and Colo Provider

Established Eastern European hoster and colo provider with LTM revenues of ~$900k and an EBITDA margin of 40+%. Revenues largely from Dedicated and VPS services but they also provide shared hosting, Colocation, and IP leasing. Colocation is provided from the company’s owned data center. Windows, Linux, and macOS. cPanel.


REMOVED – Past bid deadline

Mexico Based Hoster

Established Mexico based hoster with annualized revenue of ~US$4mm largely from shared/dedicated/VPS hosting, domains, etc. ~30k customers and employees are in Mexico.


European Union based, SAAS Email Design and Content Management Platform (Saas)

Established, European Union based, SAAS email design and content management platform (Saas) with $1m ARR projected by year end 2023, 30% profit margin and 30% YoY growth. Designed for end users, enterprises, agencies, and white-label integration into any SaaS. 75% of the revenues are from the US. ISO27001 certified with a full-remote team of 15 (including 2 founders). Sellers aim to transfer the business completely but are open to stay for a convenient transition period.


US & EU Cpanel Shared Hoster

UPDATED – Established US & EU cPanel shared hoster with revenues of ~$1.1m and adjusted EBITDA of ~$577k (excluding all owner expenses.) US third party colocation & server rental, QuickBooks, cPanel/WHMCS, outsourced English-speaking support. Owners willing to assist with migration.


REMOVED – Has decided not to sell

Austrian MSP

Austrian MSP with 120k to 160k Euros/year of revenue. Approximately half of the revenue is invoiced monthly and is recurring. Remaining revenue is from ~40 customers that work on an as needed basis. Company integrates IT and communications contracts, licensing, support and all other customer needs. Services to customers are largely provided remotely. Two employees.


REMOVED – Unresponsive

A few separate and unrelated data centers and hosting companies located in Turkey

A few separate and unrelated data centers and hosting companies located in Turkey. Please inquire for more details if interested.


REMOVED – No longer on the market

Australian Digital Marketing Business

Established, Australian digital marketing business with current annualized recurring revenue of ~$420k+ and revenue growth of 80+%. Business is primarily SEO and Facebook ads management. Company has grown without spending money on advertising and believes this is an avenue for future growth.



Full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in the Jewelry Industry

Established, full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in the Jewelry Industry with annual revenues of ~$2.1m and SDE of ~$425k. Highly diversified client base and a customer retention rate of 85%. Solid revenue growth since 2018. Lots of industry experience and an excellent reputation within the jewelry Industry.