General Business Brokers and their IT Service Provider Clients

Business brokers pride themselves on being able to size up companies in many industries. With an understanding of the needs of their local market, coupled with insight into which underlying financial metrics contribute to a company’s worth, business brokers may apply their craft broadly. However for some industries, the typical business broker toolkit doesn’t apply so neatly, and in these instances it pays to partner with a broker who has specialized industry knowledge. Web hosting and managed service providers are two examples of exceptional industries, demanding an understanding of their unique technology landscapes. Why navigate this complexity alone when you can have The Host Broker at your side? With decades of experience helping buyers, sellers, and business brokers in the technology space, The Host Broker can work alongside you to deliver the best outcomes for your clients.

Tap into the hosting, MSP, and IT landscape

Exposure to more buyers

Finding the right buyer means being in the right place at the right time in front of qualified buyers. How do you know where to go? How do you even qualify what the “right IT buyer” even means? The Host Broker knows exactly how to market your client’s managed services or information technology business.

More Buyers = Better Valuations

The Host Broker leads a network of thousands of interested buyers looking for their next acquisition target in the IT, MSP, or hosting space. Even better, The Host Broker is a trusted resource for buyers as well, making the process smooth for all parties.

Better Valuation + Better Fit 

With more potential buyers taking interest in the company you are helping sell, your client is more likely to find the right buyer for their business. The right fit is about more than just the purchase price. Time-to-close, earn-outs, prior M&A experience and other terms are critical. The Host Broker brings confidence to the entire process, from start to finish.

A Trusted Partner to Navigate the Market

Understand valuation models inherent to IT businesses

From growth rates and earnings to customer retention and NPS, finding the right price for a technology business can be complicated. The Host Broker relies on not only historical data sets for buy/sell agreements but also homegrown models to value Information technology, Managed Services, and hosting businesses. Tap into this wealth of knowledge and experience by partnering with The Host Broker to value the business and market it to potential acquirers.

Demonstrate more value to your clients

From employee retention agreements to cultural alignment with the acquirer, your client’s aspirations are as unique as they are diverse and not always only about money. The Host Broker can help drive not only the best financial outcome but also the right business outcome to satisfy buyers and sellers alike.

Get the deal done – fast

The sale of a managed services or IT business has the potential to get stuck in the mud as terms are negotiated. If the deal isn’t signed then it is at risk to never close. With The Host Broker at your side, pitfalls and roadblocks on the way to finalization are removed. The Host Broker understands and anticipates challenges selling MSPs and web hosting companies before they happen, getting your deal closed faster than if you go it alone.

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